Alaya Holmes 10


There is art all around the world. People from all around the world come all the time just to look at art. Some people are really famous for their artwork. In Europe, people paint gigantic pictures on the walls. Those are called murals. Did you know that you don`t have to draw art? It`s true, art is everywhere. Art is all around you. Everywhere you go there is art. In museums there is art, in malls there is art, in nature there is art, everything is art! When you see things that are bright, think of art. Everywhere you go think of art. I have loved art all my life and you should too. People are great at art. Everybody can do art in many different ordinary ways. People can draw art in many different ways and use different things to draw with also. People use crayons, markers, colored pencils, spray paint, and paint. You can do art anytime, anywhere, on any day or night. Everybody can draw in many different shapes and sizes. Everybody has their own personality. Some people like to draw and some people don`t. People have their own way of doing things. People have their own way of doing art. My mom was a great artist when she was my age and it`s in my blood so now I am a fantastic artist too! I am becoming a great drawer as it is but I am still a great little girl who has a great personality. My mom always told me to go after my dreams and I am. One of my dreams was to be a great artist like her someday. My friends are great artists and drawers too. That`s what I think. I also think they will get better and better. And that is the reason why I loveā€¦ART!

My Limerick
By Alaya Holmes
There once was a little frog,
Who loved to sit on a log,
Then she jumped,
Witch made her bump,
And fall into the mouth of a hog.

My limerick
By Alaya Holmes
There once was a girl named Mandy,
Who loves to eat lots of candy,
She went to the dentist,
That was in Memphis,
But it also came in handy.